NI instruments lost after unfreeze or enable

For a while now I’ve have this issue using Native Instruments VST intruments (Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol) etc. loaded for Piano, Drumkits, organ etc. - all have the same issue:
I write the MIDI and it plays fine, so I either freeze or Render in Place then disable the rendered track, to reduce CPU loading. Some months later I may want to re-enable or unfreeze the track to make some small adjustments but when I do, Kontakt has lost the sound profile and the standard dialogue box opens for me to select an instrument.
Unfortunately, unless I’ve made a note of exactly which sound it was, I’m stuck with either searching through hundreds of sounds trying to find it and maybe I haven’t saved any edits so have lost it forever!, or I have to accept the recording as is.

Has anyone else experience this and know why it happens and any workaround please?

I was wondering whether it could be that Native Access has updated that sound or the actual instrument eg. KONTAKT and then Cubase has lost the link? I will test that on the next update.
This has happened thoughout C10.5 to C12.0.0.
I can’t recall whether it happens on any Halion instrument.

UPDATE: On speaking with an experienced NI user, he believed it was a bug in an earlier vesrion of KONTAKT. He is in the habit of using ‘Render in Place’ on a frequent basis to ensure that at least he has the sound saved, if not the original editable original instrument saved. I also now once have the sound I prefer, tend to save the sound as a fully named preset so that I can easily find the instrument and sound by looking in custom presets, which is ok unless you have too many.