NI KK S49 MKII doesn't follow Cubase 13 Mix Console track page selection

The 2 ‘arrow’ navigation keys of my KK S-49 MK2 keyboard (mixer mode) do not follow (on the display) the tracks of the mix console of Cubase when pressed.
For example, in a large project (40+ tracks) the KK 49S MKII screen shows only the first 8 tracks and when pressing the right arrow key it should show the next 8 tracks etc. The only activity is when I press shift+ right arrow key and the display shows the last page of tracks (main in and master out) , it seems like it “jumps” the other pages containing tracks. All other functions of the keyboard work as expected.
I have not this issue with Cubase 12.

S-49 firmware v 0.5.9.

Cubase Settings
Cubase studio setup----Remote Devices----Komplete Kontrol S-Series----Midi input+output Komplete Kontrol DAW - 1.

Running macOS Big Sur 11.7.10 (yes. I know that that Big Sur is not officially supported, BUT it works like a charm), Cubase Pro 13…0.20