NI Komplete 6 interface

Didn’t notice this being answered so forgive me if it has. Our group is needing a good way to playback 3 tracks live (1 stereo pair to the mains, 1 mono or stereo headphone click track to our drummer). I’ve purchased the Native Instruments Komplete 6 interface, which has the physical outputs and apparently they have just released an ios 7 driver. So… My question is will Cubasis see the interface (via camera connection kit) and allow me to send individual tracks out of individual outputs. Trying to decide which app to purchase. I’m already a Cubase 7 owner and user.

I have the same audio interface and yes, it does work. You can route your tracks (mono or stereo) to every out-port of the interface.
As soon as the interface is connected cubasis activates 6 ins and 6 outs.
You don’t need a driver for ios7 - there is no way to install an audio drive on the ipad. However there is a new firmware for the Komplete 6 - you need to install the interface first to a mac or pc, and install the new firmware there, then you simply connected the interface to the ipad and it works.