NI Komplete disables Waves Plugins in Cubase only

Hi there I run a bunch of (legit) DAWs. Cubase 8, Ableton 9, ProTools etc.
Here the only issue is with Waves plugins and NI Komplete (also legit).

First of all, I will say that this problem is only happening in Cubase and none of the other DAWs.
FYI I can also successfully load NI Komplete in standalone mode and insert Waves plugins there.
But once I load Komplete into a Instrument track on a Cubase project, I can no longer insert any more Waves plugins.
I am told that Cubase cannot find the Waves license!!
Yet the ones I have loaded prior to adding the NI instrument are still usable.

If I remove all NI instruments from the project, I can then add Waves plugins again.
As soon as I have done this though, I am back to square one.
Any time I want to add more Waves plugins to the project I need to repeat this process.

Please, if anyone has had this issue and solved it, let me know!
As stated above, this issue ONLY happens when using Cubase! Thanks :slight_smile:

First how can you load waves in kontakt standalone? Do you mean komplete?

What I would try is to put the waveshells in a new folder and point cubase to I as an extra vst folder. Komplete will now not see nor use the waves. If you can now use both you have a working solution. BTW I would set up komplete to only see NI plug ins just to keep this gs simple.

I shall try and report back. Already have my Waves in a separate folder, just need to change NI prefs. Got a feeling though that Cubase scans the lot and NI doesn’t like the way it scans, but hey ho, hopefully I shall be proven wrong on that :smiley: Thanks! Watch this space…

OK so no. Since the last NI Update, Komplete Kontrol doesn’t point to any opf my Waves folders. Kontakt5 has no options to choose a plugins folder as far as I can see… (?) And again, this issue doesn’t happen in Ableton for example, it only happens in Cubase 8.GAH!

But can you still load waves in komplete kontrol? If yes it still sees one of the waveshell.dll.

Thanks for your input vinark, very much appreciated.
So yes I was actually in the middle of scanning my Waves plugins into KK while you were writing your message.
I was obviously hoping that would help, but it didn’t.
I also double checked by inserting an Arturia softsynth into a Cubase project.
This did not affect access to the Waves plugins.
So it defintely seems to be a Cubase+NI+Waves combo over here!!