NI Kontakt 5: "A sample has disapperead"

On the NI forum, someone wrote the following:

Hi there,
I got a serious problem with Kontakt (latest Version -

I start a session, loading e.g. Alicias Keys. All fine. But after some time, Kontakt tells me “A Sample has disappeared”, and then one Note or one velocity Layer is gone. This happens from time to time, all Samples are on internal HDDs.
Working on Pro Tools 12 (latest version), Intel Xeon Quadcore, 32GB Ram, Windows 7 64bit.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!

Now the thing is, I have exactly the same problem here apart from the fact that I’m working with Cubase (8.0.35) instead of Logic. At first I thought this is restricted to certain of Kontakt’s libraries, but it seems to happen randomly.

All my libraries are on internal disks. As far as I can see, they are working properly. No other software instrument by any other company shows messages like that.

The Kontakt standalone version is not affected.

Now a user suggested that this problem can occur when using plugins by “PluginAlliance” (but he didn’t explain why) and K 5 in the same project. (But he didn’t explain why.)

This first sounded kinda ridiculous to me, but some days later I read the same thing somewhere else on the net. They also blamed the Plugin Alliance plugins for such a behaviour of Kontakt.

But, how can this be possible ? ? Any explanation?

And any ideas how to solve it? I need both Kontakt AND PA plugins, so if this is true I’m really in trouble.

On the other hand, I have been working with K 5 and PA plugins in Cubase projects together for years now and this issue just started about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I haven’t installed any PA plugin updates recently, but I’m updating the NI stuff regularly, so could this be a Kontakt update issue?

I gave this to the NI support and they confirmed the conflict has sth. to do with the PA plugins (for whatever reason…).
They ensured me they’re working on it.

If someone has similar problems, you may try to use (if you own it and you work with compatible libraries ) Kontakt 4 instead of version 5. K4 doesn’t seem to have the problems. I switched to K4 in my project and since then I’ve been fine.