NI Massive & Nuendo 6.5 Updated - Crash!

Hi Steinberg Support and all of forum Users,

Problem decsription:

I opened new project, added VST Massive, set the midi track and i wanted to play with massive preset to make a nice windy fx for my film project and the problem begin.

Please see my attachment.

Nuendo hangs, massive and nunedo is not responding, after few minutes of wait VST brige is lost. Massive graphic is distorted.
I cant even change the massive preset, if i press BROWSE on massive it hangs suddenly and nunedo is not responding.

If anyone could help us …

Have you recently updated Komplete, and specifically, Massive?

Same thing happened to me with Battery 4 after I used NI Service Center to update. NI support was of zero help.

  1. Will Massive open as a standalone app?
  2. Do you have any other software on your system that will open Massive? If so, see if the same thing happens as with Nuendo. If so, the issue is not Nuendo.
  3. For me, after the update, Battery 4 would freeze just as you describe in Nuendo. It would also crash out in Live 9. However, it would load and work in VEP. So a possible workaround for now, if you use VEP, is to try that even on the same computer.
  4. For me remove/reinstall was no help. I tried all the usual steps to no avail. I’m on Windows 7/64. I ended up manually cleaning out the registry and my hard drive of all files with the word Battery and then reinstalling and that fixed it on both Nuendo and Live. A real pain, and NI helped me not at all.

NI is screwing up some things with recent updates. If anyone’s system is working well, my advice is to not update NI.

yes, my massive is up to date.
Yes it opens as standalone.

fruity loops - massive is working ok