NI Massive VST won't connect and won't load-S0LVED

EDIT: I found the solution in the link of the last post in this thread.

I have multiple VST’s in my VST instrument rack, but one (NI Massive) won’t connect and won’t even load a new reinstance. Massive is still in my Track and Rack Instrument Menu, the .dll is still in the Steinberg->Vst folder. Could anybody please give me some insight into why Cubase won’t connect or load Massive?



In a new project? Only in one project? Other instruments load ok? Not running out of memory?

Thanks for your reply Grim.

My other VST’s loaded fine. I’m not our of memory. I’ll have to see if Massive won’t connect or load in my other projects where I used it. The most frustrating thing is that Cubase disconnected the VST’s. So, some of the tweaks I made are gone. This has never happened to me before and I’m a user going back to SX. Why in the world would only one VST not load? :blush:

So even instances that were loaded in this project have unloaded??

Is the missing plug info still there in the insert slot with the !!! either side of the name?

If so then maybe the plug has become corrupted, but once you fix that it should load with the same settings you had before…First thing you need to do is see if it opens in a new project. If not try re-installing it.

Thanks again for your reply Grim.

That’s correct, the instances that were loaded in this projects have unloaded. I cog a message before the project opening about Massive not connecting. Then, saw that the slots were empty in the Instrument Rack with no info. I’ll look into NI fixes and will see if it loads in a new project.

Update: I opened a brand new project, tried to load Massive and got the dreaded “VSTBridge Connection lost. Please lead previous version of this project” error. I’ve had this problem before on older versions of Cubase, but I’ve run Massive for the 8+ months since I’ve owned Cubase 8 Pro and now this again. So, frustrated…

Here was the fix: