NI Partners conspiracy thread

NI partners with Steinberg , really ? Oooohhhhh , could this be the reason for the GUI make over in Cubase , to integrate NI into the workflow , after all there have been a lot of SCRIPTING going on on the forum for NI controllers .
All i know is NI do not like to be partners , they sit on the sideline , gaining info , then attack with an offer , an offer …to buy out !
Could we be in a mist of Cubase being sold off to NI so NI can dissolve and get rid of the competition ?? All i know is NI doesn’t keep partners for long , they buy then out !

Ohhh scray mongering at it’s best

Just having Steinberg implement NKS for all their instruments would be enough :wink:

I thought NI got bought out by the same company that bought Brainworx/PluginAlliance?
Nah, go that wrong. But there’s this: