NI Raum UI causing Cubase 12 Pro to freeze

Anyone else here using Native Instruments Raum with Cubase 12? After updating to C12, I’m unable to open the Raum UI. The plugin hangs after opening a blank window and Cubase becomes unresponsive. I’m on Windows 10. This is the first NI plugin I’ve noticed with problems.

Can anyone else confirm?

Are you on Mac M1 and the VST is VST2?

Hey Steve, I’m on Windows 10. I believe the plugin was updated by NI to VST 3.

Maybe there’s more updates to something NI? I only have Kontakt 5, so I can’t troubleshoot this

I don’t have any pending updates for my NI plugins. I’m on the latest version of Raum (1.2.2) which was released on 6-Jan this year. According the Raum’s change log VST3 plug-in target was added on 7-Dec-2021 with 1.2.0 release.

Theoretically it should work. Sorry I don’t have any substantial advice.

If it’s not local to your system others will post about it, one hopes

Thanks for the quick response Steve. I look forward to responses from others who have a chance to try out Native Instruments plugins with C12. It’s weird because the plugin processes audio, however, Cubase becomes unresponsive when opening the plugin’s GUI. I’m a bit at a loss on how to resolve this one so I’ll continue using C11 until this is resolved.

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Looks like my Waves plugins are having the exact same issue. The plugins load to a blank screen and Cubase becomes unresponsive. I just updated my graphics driver but that didn’t resolve the issue. The using onboard graphics Intel HD 530.

Had an issue where my MagicDeathEye stereo compressor wouldn’t pass audio through until I removed it and added it again. The GUI worked fine though.

Will try Raum tommorow when I have more time. Also had two freezes on big projects as well which both resulted in full shutdown of cubase. Probably some CPU overload.

There seem to be some issues at the moment.

Making some progress here. I have a 2 monitor setup. I disabled my second monitor and now my Waves and the problematic NI plugins open without problems. When I enable my second monitor and attempt to display the plugins in question on the second monitor Cubase freezes. I do not have this problem in C11.

NI Raum VST 2.4 working fine here on win 10, GUI controls and sound all good

Raum also seems to work great here. No issues at all on Windows 10 and Raum version 1.2.2 VST 3.

Hi @jbarhyte, I have a similar/related issue, with hard crashes of Cubase 12 caused by a number of NI effects plugins.

Posted here: Cubase 12: Hard Crash With Native Instruments Effect Plugins

All the best