NI Studio Drummer - individual drums on separate tracks

In Native Instruments Studio Drummer (Abbey Road 60s and 70s drums) I’d like to put individual drum tracks on separate tracks in the cubase mixer (6.5 soon to be 7!)
I looked at the manual’s for both studio drummer and abbey road drums and can’t find the instructions on doing this.
Thanks for your time and help!

you have to insert kontakt in the vst rack (called vst instrument F11) & activate all the output needed !
for Kontakt multi out see capter 14 page 143 in the manual
For Cubase see the manuel (C7) page 252

I appreciate your help and directions to finding this information in the manuals. This is powerfully confusing for me. I’m not very adept at this kind of stuff :blush:
I got as far as selecting 8 outs when setting up an vst instrument channel. After looking at the two separate manuals for Cubase and Kontakt 5 I’m thinking I might be in a little over my head. I expected when I selected Kontakt with 8 outs that there would be 8 channels in my mixer.

If there’s a relatively easy way (at least easy for me :slight_smile: to do what I’m trying to do I’d appreciate help. I find myself lost by the manuals.