NIce ... but no Level Envelopes?

Hi Devs

I was pleasantly surprised to see this released! And its nicely done too … lots of bases covered very elegantly, the layout suits me perfectly … straight to work no learning curve at all!


No Track Level Envelopes / Automation ??? Huge omission. It makes the Faders a bit useless since we can’t execute a fade with them. There’s no ‘real time’ mixdown (is there?) unless I mix to another recorder ( not likely ).

At the price this one absence lets the whole thing down.

Or if I’m wrong please tell me where the level automation is… ( not the Event Fade In/Out controls)

Right now this is the most comprehensive iOS DAW (IMO) … but when Auria release their announced MIDI addition watch out!

Hi ltf3,

At the moment there is no automation, but each audio/midi event has it’s own fade in/out and clip gain handle in the middle.

Hi ltf3

I think most of what level / volume automation accomplishes can also widely be solved by using the event fade / gain handles, even if it requires a few more steps.
To achieve a volume change within a larger event, I would suggest splitting it into multiple events, setting individual gain levels for each and crossfading them.
It might seem a little wonky at first, but what you want is technically there and it works nicely. :wink:

So no automation of things like filter cutoff?

Will this be added in the future?

Sorry to say… But BeatMaker 2 does that pretty well
for MIDI and Audio tracks as well.

Meteor does it too, and a lot of other apps a lot cheaper than Cubasis…

Yessir. I’m also not satisfied. But I know they’ll
pump / pimp it up to be my first choice of iOS DAWs.
So I’ll stay patient using other apps and give Steinberg FR’s
and bug reports… I know that this is not the way it should
be. But I’m still a Cubase user and I love my DAW. And I need
a good app that gives us the possibility to transfer projects from
the iPad to a computer which is the only benefit Cubasis delivers
at the moment. I wanted an app like this for a long time…
Well, they screwed it up. But like I said: I believe they’ll
come up with all the stuff I need soon. And when it’s finally there
it’ll give us a great infrastructure to work on projects.