nice cubase big screens studio setup

i wonder if its convenient to work with,and if the sound reflection not disturbing during mixing\listening !
(those guys make very clear and punchy sound though )
… mmm i want too !! ))

Large monitors are a mixed blessing. I’m running an Argosy consol with a Mackie D8B taking the left half, a keyboard station center and patchbay taking the right quarter. There’s about the same amount of space between the back of the console and the wall as in the videos.

I decided to add a 42" monitor, and the first instinct was to mount it on the wall. While I’m middle aged, I think even a 20 year old would find it difficult reading the text and seeing all details on the DAW screen from that distance. At best, even with an eagle eye, it’s a recipie for eye strain and fatiege over the course of an extended session.

So, I mounted it at the back of the console. Even that was a bit tricky. Too close and you have strain looking up or sideways at a too-close monitor. Same with mounting too high or low.

Ultimately, I got it positioned correctly and it’s workable. That said, while the big screens look sexy from across the room, they don’t come close to the ergonomics of a standard computer / desk setup where a smaller monitor is positioned properly. In fact, I use the control room primarily for tracking and rough mixes. For extended mixing I use a different room, acoustically treated and set up with dual 24" monitors and a normal office desk as it’s much more comfortable for long sessions.

It’s ironic that computers bring incredible power to audio but are the most awkward things to integrate into a studio enviornment.

I run 2 X 32 inch monitors !!

It’s great fun

yep 42" and more looks tempting but maybe better watching movies on those…
on the other hand 2*32" screens looks as the sweet spot between normal sized computer screens and large screens for working with DAWs,and now days 32 (tv) screens are rather cheap…!

2 x 30" is the sweet spot, I think.

42"+ displays don’t have the same pixel clarity. Their PPI is lower, too, which seems like it would be made up for by being further away from the eye, and it is, but then additional clarity lost to the increased focal length that comes into play.