nice discounts but why no upgrade discount?

just got an email from Steinberg saying theres a valantines day sale going on and 44% off halion 5/groove agent 4/grand 3…now that’s good but why not extend it too the upgrades too ?ive already got groove agent 3 and halion sonic and the discount code wont work unless I pay more and buy the full product but I don’t need the full product I only need the upgrade and I do want too buy them but Steinberg should give loyal customers who just want to upgrade discounts too …theres no incentive for me too buy the full version even at discounted price because theres no real deal too be had…

can someone at Steinberg please look into this and adjust the upgrade prices too if they do this im sure they’ll see a lot more people jump on board and upgrade to the newest versions…thanks


I totally agree

I hope someone from steinberg can rectify this and if they did this surely it makes finacically sense …halionsonic/groove agent/grand were big hits so they have a big user base that many wont have updated and want to update but haven’t because the prices seem a little high but if they did a price drop im positive loads would upgrade.

And if that’s the case , they should not advertise like this …

Maybe they are just trying to attract new customers… :confused:
Maybe they already have plenty of people upgrading at the current price…

And if they gave it away free, even more would upgrade… :confused:

im not asking them too give it away for free your talking silly.

but I do feel Steinberg don’t cater towards people wishing to upgrade…its a bit out of order discounting the full product too roughly the same price as an upgrade why cant they just discount the upgrade too?
other companys offer discounted upgrades when they drop there full price products,native instruments do it all the time .

ive been using and buying Steinberg products since they started and in all that time ive never once seen them drop upgrades except for Cubase upgrades there vsts full versions always get discounted and years ago when everything was boxed I used to get them cheaper from stores than direct from Steinberg.

too me looking at it from a business perspective it makes sense too look after both new customers and older customers and like I said most other companys look at my perspective the same way.

Not in a hurry to give Steinberg any more of my money if this is how they treat us!

I don’t understanding why no-one takes the time to explain it to us. Why they did the sale the way they did it. I’m really dissapointed by that

So, we have Halion Sonic 2 SE which is great!
but why can’t we upgrade to the full version as loyal Cubase users who invested quite alot already?
Cubase already costs three times as much as Logic. I don’t complain.
but why no upgrade policy? not asking for this for free, but SOME discount for SE and Cubase 8 owners? Thanks for listening :smiley: