Nice DX-7-like freebie

Maybe this is old hat to some of you, but I just found it and thought it worth a mention here

Basically a DX-7-emulation and it reads the DX files for patches. I think it does even more, like being an editor for a real DX 7…

Anyway, I like it. I always loved those FM Sounds. So clean and pure.


Some patches to go with it:

Use, install at own risk.

+1, have been using Dexed for quite a while now, very stable and there are tons of patches all over the internet. Be sure to pick up BlackWinny’s Dexed compilation (link downloads the zip).

Great to hear. Thanks for the patch pack, too. I may have already gotten those from the site I mentioned, but I’ll compare the two. There are so many and it does take time to load them up. I’m still working out loading and saving the banks. Partly a trip down memory lane.

Q. Do you know if the instrument is capable of doing the old Yamaha Scales, like the 1/4 tone scales built in to the original? As I recall, something like 12 or so different Tunings were provided – Just Intonation, 1/4 and 1/8th tone, and others.

I found the instrument via a mention it was given by Brian Eno. :slight_smile:

FM Synthesis always sounds so good to my ears.

Thanks a lot, nice synth :sunglasses: !

Glad you liked it. Not exactly as good as real Yamaha DX7 II FD, but very nice and you can’t beat the price. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the real one, the emulation is good however. :sunglasses:

When I updated to 9.5 this synth got removed. I don’t know why. I thought it was VST3 64 bit? I have to get back to that. I was just getting into it and hadn’t used it on anything important.


Check your VST paths. A Cubase upgrade doesn’t remove anything. You just need to tell the new application where you keep your VSTs.

VST2 only.