Nice "hidden" function.

See under “Edit/Functions” => Set Spacer between selected Events.


Have fun.


I just saw that in one of the videos! Great stuff!

Hello Fredo
Seen it, used it, left me a happy man …
Wished it would have been implemented sooner… Great time-safer!

Fredo, …What about the HD-1s… Still no chance??
LOL… Keep it rockin’, man…

Servus Big K

Still looking for the hidden popcorn function

thx fredo ,nice feature indeed !
how about the option to space it out in bar/beats ? in a future update ?

Thanks Fredo :slight_smile:

Greg Ondo showed that to me at NAB last month. Brings back memories of using that function in Sadie in 1995. :wink:

It would be good to set the minimum value of the distance between events equal to “0”. And what is the difficulty in realizing this? ))

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Great tip!! And maybe they can do even negative value. So events can overlap each other.

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