Nice new Micrologue Presets in 2.0

I was surprised to find many of the 76 new Micrologue presets well done and really useful in musical contexts (including actual pop/electro styles).

Just in case nobody takes notice …

Thanks for bringing this topic up here as well!

We’re glad to hear you and other users from the Audiobus forum like the new Micrologue presets as well as we do:

Also, thesoundtestroom gave the new presets a test drive and video on its own.


Just curious:
were these presets written by a single person or by various?

I was surrised by their quality and their fitting relation to actual music making: whoever made them knew what presets are needed for, in well known musical contexts, and did not just do “some sounds”, as it often happens with other preset banks.

I like Micrologue anyways: it has a nice warm sound, still showing presence in the mix: somewhere between well known Moogish and former Rolandish sound character for my ears. It’s really musical despite being a small iOS synth. And it translates very well to Retrologue after Cubase import.

Hi jimknopf,

The Micrologue presets have been create by a single sound designer, with many years of experience and great skills.
We’ve exchanged with him about the musical direction, type and category, to make sure the new presets perfectly work in combination,

Thanks again for the nice feedback.