Nice pink icon disappeard for Spectralayers 8 Pro

Hi! Weird problem that doesnt matter but I dislike anyway.

I bought Spectralayers 8 Pro sometime ago. And it was fine with everything.

Then I bought an update for my Cubase 10 Pro to Cubase 11 Pro. So I instaleld the update to Cubase 11 Pro… But this is when the weird thing start to happen with Spectralayers 8 Pro…

When I started an old project for Spectralayers 8 Pro it opens it in Spectralayers 7 Pro, so it was downgraded some how with the update for Cubasee 11 Pro…

I didnt like that so I uninstalled Spectralayers 7 Pro, but then my Spectralayers project files lost its icon and looks like a generic program file icon now… Not the nice looking “pink” icon for spectralayers project file that it had before.

So how do I make these files get their icon back? I’ve right clicked a spectralayer project file but it doesnt have the option of changing the icon… I tried pointing it to open with the shortcut file for Spectralayer 8 Pro (that has the icon) but nothing changed… I’m at a loss here to know what to do to get the nice spectyralayer 8 Pro icon back for my Spectralayer project files… Other then that all is working fine though! It’s just a visual thing but I liked it the way it was before the Spectralayers 7 Pro got installed with the Cubase 11 Pro update and want it back to that icon… I also tried
generic icon
ed but didn’t help, the project file for Spectralayers 8 Pro just have the generic program file icon (see image!) and and it can’t be changed for all I know anyway…

//Regards from Robin Gardner
spectra icon

Did you try reinstalling SpectraLayers Pro 8 ?

I think so but I try again…

Didnt work, I uninstalled, shut down the computer, then reinstalled, the icon for the SLP-files are not coming back, there must be something else involved in this. I can try installing it on a different computer where the program hasnt been installed before and see what program its pointing too, maybe I need to change what program the file is opned by to get the correct icon back. Thanks anyway! /Robin

I installed Spectralayers 8 Pro on another computer and made a project and the pink icon is there as it should.

Well, then I did a comparison of the SLP-files of those two computers to see if there are some differences and I saw just one thing but nothing that could help me to make a proper change… Maybe its a registry thing but Im not going into to that, not just now anyway… I really dont wanna mess with the Win registry unless I’m guided to it…

So I thought… hmmm… what can I do next to at least get a nice icon back on those SLP-files? Well ,I reinstalled Spectralayers 7 and well it at least brought back the red icon on the SLP-files (see image) still not how I want it but better…

But… I then created a new Spectralayers 8 project and saved that. But strangly enough the SLP-file keep pointing to the “spectralayers 7.exe” even though it was saved under Spectralayers 8 using “spectralayers8.exe”, isnt that strange? How about that, some computer voodoo by Steinberg, lol!


@Robingardner you can tweak the following registry entries: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\SpectraLayers

Okay Ill give it a try! Thanks!

Ohh I installed it again today with the latest update and now everything is working! No need to go into the registry! :slight_smile: