Nice Press release: Steinberg opens Score R&D in London UK


Steinberg has hired the Sibelius U.K. team, including Daniel Spreadbury (former head of customer support for Sibelius) who single-handedly raised the bar for customer service for the notation market for Sibelius. (you probably heard Avid cut that team from their payroll and closed the U.K. office a few months back)


Some related info:

Yes, this is excellent news, both for the Sibelius team and for Steinberg users - exciting times ahead. :smiley:

Aloha guys and this is great news for score/notation users.

Perhaps soon I will be able to stop using Sebelius for scoring tasks; and do
it all in Cubase.


But don’t anyone hold your breath waiting for a free Cubase upgrade containing Sibelius V8. :wink:

YES! Very cool!

Yes! (Finale these days for me. Yes, I finally gave up.)

Good news indeed; great move by Steinberg… :wink:

By all accounts, that’s one fantastic team of people there - one that Avid just seemed so easy to dispense with…

Hey, I’m no notation demon here, but I read those posts with interest. All those responding in this thread should hopefully be on these new R+D guys radar; its your brains they should tap into too… :slight_smile:

As for present facilities, don’t know how this ever progressed from back in 2007, but it was a start…

I’d switched from Finale to Sibelius in 2007, but then moved back to Finale recently in disgust at Avid’s actions (and to be fair because Finale had improved a lot in the intervening years). The thought of the former Sibelius team working for Steinberg, and being able to do everything in Cubase plus whatever the new software is, seems too good to be true. I’ll definitely be an early adopter of whatever appears, and hopefully there will be a chance for feedback.

Great news, looks like the “R&D Center for music notation software” is basically the Sibelius team!

Cool beans. :sunglasses:

But the Sibelius development team going to Steiny is not quite the same as Sibelius itself going to Steiny, which, sadly, it is not. I don’t believe Avid have any plans to sell it. I’d love to be wrong about that.

The news is still good, but presumably this means they cannot use any of the Sibelius code as that is still owned by Avid.

It doesn’t have to be. These guys have know-how created during more than a decade inside their brains. They can use that mental potential to create something better in just couple of years. Believe me … I know, what I’m talking about. Been in a similar situation myself … and created a lot of trouble to my ex-employer after being laid off (in my case because my boss didn’t want to have employees, who didn’t share his political opinions).

This is interesting, let’s see if some of that tech will make it into the Cubase score editor too :slight_smile:

Love that page btw, the top says Sibelius is Avid, the topic title is Sibelius is dead. Math says Avid = dead :sunglasses:

It does say they’ll be developing a standalone notation program, so that’s no guarantee we’ll see any of that in Cubase. But Steinberg would be silly not to :wink:

Where did you read that it would be standalone?

Future look bright for score/notation users.

the last 10 of the original Sibelius development team have been retained intact to develop a new, standalone music notation application, which will without question, become the new world leader, soon to displace both Sibelius and Finale.

From here:

Well, it would be great to eventually see a great notation product inside Cubase. The discussion quoted is from a member of the Sibelius forum, and none of the press I found specified stand alone or not… I’m hopeful.

It is more or less implied in this sentence: “This expertise will bear on a new generation of products, designed to give customers in the education and composing markets the best support possible.” Cubase is not in this market, and ‘a new generation of products’ means just that. Which doesn’t mean Cubase can’t benefit from it ofcourse…

Yes, this is great news for score/notation users, and it will be fascinating to see what the new team produces. The days of porting things backwards and forwards between Cubase and Sibelius using MIDI and Music XML might one day be over.