Nice those hints but do it right

You know those little popups when you move your mouse over a button.
Well i thought it would be handy to set the left locator with a click and i thought there undoubtedly will be a shortcut for this.
So i moved my mouse over the left locator button in the transport panel and yes i knew it the little hint said:
“Go to Left Locater (use <Alt + Click> to set (Pad 1)”
And i tried and i tried but whatever i did it allways resulted in setting the right locator…
After a frustrating hour i decided to consult the manual…:
“To set the left locator, press [Ctrl]/[Command] and click at the desired position in the ruler.”

Please Steiny those hints do come in handy but please please check them for typo’s :confused:

That is confusing! And thanks for the hint about being able to set the locator by CTRL-click in the ruler.

I find I usually set the locator at a current cursor position, and in those circumstances I CTRL-Pad #1 for left locator, CTRL-Pad #2 for right locator - no mousing around needed.