Nice to get paid

Hi everyone, recently finished a commissioned “underscory” soundtrack for Central Park Marketing’s video on their site. Nice to get some dosh for a change, Kevin

excellent, I liked it, very umm, underscory, lol, or is that unassuming. worked great with the vid, but there was some really nice touches in there that made the music stand out just enough. well done and congrats on some mud money.

cheers, they actually started to fade it when it’s gets more interesting, the original score was for a vid 5.30mins but they decided to shorten it…thanks for looking in, Kevin

Muy bueno viejo, segui así

dar las gracias a algun por algo, hope I got that right my friend, Kevin

This is not the average contemporary back ground music I would expect in this sort of movie.
It gives the images a lot more weight, even a bit dramatic at times. I like it.
Job well done.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Dylan…the first track I did for them they said was much too dramatic so had to tone it down a bit and they where happy with this…cheers, Kevin

Very cool its not at all what I expected was fun to watch with the score. Great mix also

Nice, that worked very well for the video!

Thanks guy’s, nice of you to comment, cheers, Kevin

Exellent tune. Like it alot ! Congrats ! :slight_smile:

cheers, appreciate your comments

Good stuff, Shadow! and congrats to you! :smiley:


[quote=“sav.”]Good stuff, Shadow! and congrats to you! :smiley:

Thanks sav…Kevin

Nice composition + satisfied client = :sunglasses:

Hello twilightsong, thanks for your comment, haven’t seen you around for a while so nice to have you back, Kevin

Hey that’s really nice. Smooth but uplifting, and keeps your attention on the message.
Cheers up, mate…

Thanks mixup…Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Well done! Sounds good and fits the video.

Congrats! :sunglasses:


Congrats! A job well done :slight_smile:

You’re right it is nice to get paid… just wish it happened more often! :smiley: