Niente Inconsistency (Bug?)

I just noticed an odd result when using niente in my dynamics. If the global setting is to have a small circle at the start or end of a hairpin, and you type “n<” or “>n” in the dynamics popover while writing in a single part, the part shows the letter n, but the full score shows the small circle. Conversely, if you use the dynamic popover and type “n<” or “>n”, both the full score and the part show the letter n. Should the popover entry not be consistent throughout the parts and full score?

Niente overrides (those that differ from global settings through the properties panel) are layout specific. There has a been a lot of discussion about what should or should not be on that list and many suggestions have been made. I believe they will review some of those choices soon.

It would seem to me that it should be consistent between the score and the parts, and that the entry method should be consistent. Right now it works one way if you are doing part entry, and another way if you are doing score entry.