niggles with 9, coming from 6.5

Hi there,

I updated to 9.x from 6.5 last Summer, and there are still a few things that bother and/or annoy me:

  • for some reason, if I record in the MIDI editor, it now makes a new part. It used to be if you’d record inside the editor it would just add what you were recording to the existing part. It’s not the end of the world, jump out of the editor and glue the two parts together in the Arrange window, but I do this a lot and it has really started to annoy me. Can I switch this back to the old behavior?

  • I used to be able to switch precount on and off with a single key press, but now I have to click on the Transport drop-down menu, click on Metronome Setup, and tick the precount box there. Not a big deal in itself, but if you toggle between precount on and off constantly while you’re recording (as I do), this gets frustrating really quick. Can I switch this back to the old behavior?

    There is some other stuff that I can’t think of right now, but just these two would already make a big difference. Thanks.

You still can. You can apply a key command to it in Key Commands.

I see what happened there. It was assigned to a key that is no longer present on the QWERTY. Duh.

I remember now, the difference was that in 6.5 “toggle precount on/off” was in the main Transport drop-down menu, and now it has been moved to the metronome setup menu. Now that the key has been reassigned, it is a non-issue.

How about the “record in editor” thing? Anybody?

Do you have the MIDI Record mode set to Merge? If I understand you correctly this does what you want (doesn’t create new parts but just adds to the exisiting).

Transport/MIDI Record Mode/Merge

When I record in the Arrange window, I’d want it to create a new part every time I hit record. In the Editor window, I’d want to merge.