Nightfall reloaded

Hello :wink:
here’s an instrumental song reworked with Cubase 7.
Very simple patterns - but I like it (hope, you too).

Also it’s my first attempt to create something like a music video - so please don’t laugh :blush:

Best regards

A beautiful piece of music and to me, beautifully produced…and can’t think why anyone (c’ept idiots) would laugh at the vid, good work my friend…Kevin

Agreed with. I would only comment on use of reverb and lengths used for instruments might be too much but that is a matter of taste.

Looking and sounding good

Its a very BIG sound for just two instruments !!

thank you for your oppinions and suggestions :slight_smile:
@MonsterJasslicks: of course I added some VSTi strings to get a wider distribution.
But yes… the project has only 9 tracks - a very tiny one :sunglasses:

I like it. Enjoyed.

Hey Early,

it makes me happy, that you said, you enjoyed it :slight_smile:
For me it’s just great but also expensive hobby.
Never made something commercial or so - so I’m glad, other people like things, I produce :mrgreen:

Best regards