Nightmare - Old song I have fixed up re-produced/remixed

Here’s a tune I wrote when I was about 20 years old. I recorded it a couple of years later as part of an Album that actually got released with indie lable “Headline” (defunct now).
The whole thing was recorded on an old Akai 12 track tape machine (like a giant portastudio) at a friend’s house in 1996. I used an SM58 on everything, Marshall Valvestate amp, bass went straight into the desk and drums were done on an Alesis SR16 drum machine and keys on a Korg M1.

A few years ago, he brought the machine over to transfer some multi-track recordings to digital. So while we were at it, I took the opportunity to transfer the tapes for this album aswell. I’ve replaced the drums with BFD3 and used Cubase & various plug-ins to clean everything up and improve the sound as best I could. I’m no professional producer, but I’m really happy with this result. From the original, the difference is night & day!


Hello buddy. It’s the greatest hit. Awesome five star :star: :star2: :dizzy:

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Hey thanks! My mum agrees aswell! :grin: