Nightmare with C10 install - how to start from scratch?

Hey everyone, I’ll be brief! I upgraded from 9.5 Pro. Downloaded, extracted, ran the installer. Left the room for a while and when I came back it was paused on a file copy error message. Had plenty of disk space, and it was some random Groove Agent sound set or something. Pressed okay. Had the same thing happen about 20 times, to the point where I didn’t know what I was gonna be missing. Also noticed drive C started getting swallowed up despite my previous 9.5 install using a different drive for content. Decided to abort, remove 9.5 and 10 and start again. Only now, despite having run every Steinberg uninstaller, C10 still thinks its “updating” Groove Agent, Halion Sonic, etc. with no option to confirm or change the content location.

How can I just start completely from scratch, and install from the 20+GB full C10 installer, (re)setting my own install locations? Many thanks in advance!

PS; I’m on Win 10.

Here is what I did:

My upgrade path was C7->C7.5->C8->C9.5-C10 I just had so much problems with missing content etc. i realized it’s best to do everything from clean.

  1. Uninstall everything using cubase uninstallers
  2. Run CCleaner
  3. Check if any folders are left behind @


  1. Delete folders named “Steinberg” from these two locations. Make sure to back up some setting files if needed!

  2. Also remove steinberg folders from any other install location place. Just make sure not to delete accidentaly any 3rd party plug-ins at the time so you don’t have to re-install them.

  3. Run CCleaner one more time to be sure

  4. Re-Start computer

  5. Download installation files and install everything you need. In my case C10, Halion 6, and Ultimate VST1+ and some steinberg expansion packs for Padshop Pro

  6. Install Everything

  7. Launch C10 and hope everything goes allright.

Thanks for the reply Jazman! I managed to get everything but Halion Sonic SE and Loop Sets to switch to “Install” rather than “Update”. I’ve tried just about everything and can’t get them to change so I’m just gonna see what happens when I run the installer now. If it’s missing anything, hopefully I can run the C10 uninstaller and it’ll remove all references to those two things and then I can go for one final install.

Ugh. Nope, tried everything. It will still only let me update Groove Agent, HalionSonic and the Loops & Soundsets, swallowing up all my space on C: with no option to relocate, and failing in the process. Literally the only way for me to get this installed properly at this point is to restore my Windows, and that’ll cost me at least two days getting everything back on there as it was. Might open up a support ticket.

I had problems installing Cubase 10. They were related to the place where the sounds are located. There is a Steinberg utility on your HD where you can set all the banks’ location.
Sorry I forgot the name.

Have you removed everything from your old installations? C10 installs all content for all users. In earlier versions you could choose if you only want to install for single user (you) or all users. I hope you get it resolved quickly!

Hey everyone sorry to bump this after so long! Had a recording session on and then the craziness of Christmas. Yeah I tried removing absolutely everything. The only thing I can think is that I was trying to free up some room a while ago; I’m mostly Reason 10 these days and just wasn’t using Cubase, and I rather stupidly just deleted some content folders rather than using the library manager. So therein lies the problem. I need to somehow erase all traces of everything relating to Cubase. I could just do a system restore, but given the amount of work I have to do this month I don’t fancy losing a few days to re-installing plugins and libraries. Does anyone have any insight into how I can 100% erase Cubase from Windows? I’d be willing to try that before I resort to the nuclear option!

Just an update on this; I decided to re-install Cubase 9.5 first, which gave me the option to set the locations for all the libraries. Perfect.

Installed Cubase 10 update, everything was marked as “Update”. Soon as it starts installing, it’s chewing through all the space on my C drive, copy fails for Groove Agent updates and now the whole thing has gone to pot again. Is there any way to specify or at least check the content directories on this install? Otherwise I’m gonna have to wipe everything and start again. So done with this.

Did you check the Steinberg library manager ? My problems on install were related to the location of the soundbanks.

Can I download this as a standalone app? That might be worth a shot!

*Nevermind, found it. Trying now…

Thanks so much for this suggestion - it looks like it’s worked, and so, saved me DAYS of re-installing. Really appreciate it. Not sure what was happening. The lib manager was showing stuff as installed to various locations on C (like appdata) even though I’d explicitly said to install to an external drive. So I wiped everything, moved the locations in lib manager in case there was lingering stuff in the reg. Installed 9.5, set locations. Ran lib manager…things were on C again. So moved. Ran 10, everything updated fine but drive C free space was still going down. So I ran lib manager again, and yep…it’d still put things on C. So I moved them again and now I think it’s okay. Or at least as okay as it can be without a full reinstall, which I should probably do some day soon. But, not today. Cheers!

I am glad it worked for you as it did for me. It was not easy to find because this utility is not well documented.
A bit surprised that it’s not really referenced as a potential problem @ Steinberg.

Glad you got it working!

Did you read the manual? I found it informative.

As soon as you know WHAT to find, certainly :wink:

Yeah I mean really, it seems like the utility fixes shortcomings with the installer; maybe this is quicker/easier for them than fixing that? I dunno. It baffles me how any developer things the appdata folder is a suitable location for multi gigabyte libraries, or why Cubase insists on using C: even after I’ve specified a different location in the installer and lib manager.

But at least I know what to do next time. I have some duplicate files but it doesn’t seem to affect operation so I’ll hold off on the re install for another couple of months if I can help it.

Again thanks for all the help. Much appreciated!

So, ended up having to wipe my laptop. HalionSonic2 (full) wouldn’t install because it was running out of space on C: despite me telling it to install to a different drive. Cubase 10 had missing presets. And I just couldn’t be bothered to fix it.

I did a Windows reset. Got all my drivers on. Ran the C10 installer…HalionSonic SE was set to “update”. Okay, so I thought I’d put 9.5 on first, and that allowed me to set the locations. Great. Ran C10, everything was set to update, pressed install…and drive C started losing space again.

After the install finished, I went into Programdata and sure enough, hundreds and hundreds of MB of vstsound content. So I ran the Library Manager and moved it all. And there’s still stuff in there. I don’t know if I can move it, or how. There are also random bits in users\appdata\roaming\steinberg.

It just feels like a mess. Spent all day cleaning everything off and Cubase is still scattering files randomly across my C: drive like a shotgun.

Any ideas why this is happening? It’s super frustrating.