Nightmare with Windows and Cubase 12

This is proving to be an utter nightmare:

Background. Since Windows 10 I have been having problems with File Explorer , Desktop and Recycle bin. This went away for a while with Windows 11 and then returned. These are some symptoms. If I use the recycle bin it vanishes but returns if I refresh the desktop. If I use right click on the desktop or in the exp;lorer it often crashes both. A sign out and sign back in returns the desktop. I have to work around this by using short cuts.
I have been on the phone constantly to Microsoft over 8 hours of live help. Everything has been tried ion the way of system repair apps. I re-installed Windows 10 keeping the apps, I then resinstalled Windows 11 keeping all apps and finally teh nuclear option I never wanted to do, a complete wipe and re-nstall of my system without using any back ups. This has so far taken 4 weeks.
Grandually, with days of work, I have got my system back with Cubase and all my VSTs operational. I STILL have the same ISSUES!!!
Currently I am grappling with Kontakt 5 and Absynth 5 which are legacy products necessary for my old orchestral templates.
NI Access installs the VSTs to their own directory which is not currently part of my plug in information path lists. In fact nothing is showing here, even though it is all working. ISH.
If I try to add a new path by hitting the button on the lower right, Cubase crashes. So I cannot add this NI path and have Cubase scan it.
I then tried to be sneak, outside of Cubase, I tried to copy files from the NI directory into Steinberg/Plugins.
Nothing happens! Nothing copies! I once breifly saw “you need permission for this…” dialogue but that too crashed.
The consequence for me is that all my orchestral templates have crashed Kotakt 5 patches in them that I cannot repair.
I tried reinstalling Cubase, the problem went away briefly then returned

I am at my wit’s end with this. Thios is currently about six weeks of more or less full time work.
Google reports others with these issues, but no permanent fixes. As I have said, all disk checkers, scannows and other fixes have been tried numerous times.

What the XYZ!

I really do not know how to resolve this!


I tried to comprehend precisely what you are describing, but I failed.

Can you express it briefly, with the emphasis on the technical parts, and less so on the emotional or subjective reflections?

Or, you might consider reformatting and reinstalling Windows. That would take less than 8 hours.

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I’d probably start suspecting some sort of a hardware problem, if all of the new software re-installations didn’t resolve it.

From bad RAM to a bad cable to a flaky motherboard component.