Nikos Midi Pack

Plug-In advice - has anyone any experience using Nikos Midi Pack as a plug in with CB11 and is it worth getting?


I don’t know this product, but as far as I can see on the webpage, these are not plug-ins, these are common MIDI files. In this case, yes, they must be compatible with (any) Cubase in any case.

Any MIDI Pack i’ve tried has worked great.

Just be sure to set the MIDI loop folder as a favourite in Media Bay (On the right of the screen), and from there you can preview each loop using an instrument already loaded in the project - which makes navigating and trialling loops really easy.

There’s a little preview panel at the bottom of Media Bay that lets you pick which instrument will be used for the MIDI file to play through.

Only downside with Cubase is if you want to use a MIDI loop as the basis of a pattern/arp or within Chord Pads, you have to drag the MIDI file into the project first. i.e. you can’t just drag it direct from Media Bay for some (unknown?) reason.

If you’re using MIDI loops to construct chord progressions then it’s worth learning how to assign a MIDI loop to an Arp or Chord Pad playing style.

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