Nimbus & R4 - Cubase 11 VST3 Scanning locking up

Just Did a fresh install of Cubase 11 on a new computer build running Windows 10. I went to install Exponential Audio R4 and Nimbus and both of them seem to cause Cubase to freeze at the Scanning VST3 on startup. I’ve tried uninstalling both of them and reinstalling them and selecting only the VST3 file during install. Obviously if I open up task manager and cancel VSTScanner it will push past the startup freeze and then give me a window that Nimbus or R4 have been placed on blacklist. I’ve ran out of things to try. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

Have you already activated Nimbus and R4 on your new computer? If not, it might help to first activate them in the iLok License Manager. Sometimes Cubase fails to load unactivated iLok-protected plugins and doesn’t show the activation screen.

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Martin90, You’re the man. Appreciate the help.

You’re welcome. Glad to hear you could fix the issue.

Cool, amazing reverbs!!!