I am trying to write a nine let in the space of one quarter note in 4/4 time, but I am having trouble doing that. I looked through the Dorico online web help document, and found the tuplet page, but I am still having trouble. I followed the instructions there, and there was no popover that came up when pressing the tuplet button in write mode, so I pressed β€œ;” and entered 9:1, but when entering 16th notes, the tuplet is way too long. The only way I was able to enter 9 notes over one beat was by entering 9 quarter notes, but that was not what I was going for. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  1. Invoke the caret.
  2. Type 4 for 16ths.
  3. Type ; 9:4 Enter
  4. Type/play/click in your pitches


  1. Invoke the caret.
  2. Type ; 9:4x Enter
  3. Type/play/click in your pitches.

I think generally speaking you’d want 9 32nds in the time of 8, so that’d be 3 for 32nds, ; 9:8 Enter. Alternatively ; 9:8y Enter.

The point is that the ratio is whatever number of notes in the time of whatever number of the same value of notes, so 9 16ths in the time of 4 16ths, or 9 32nds in the time of 8 32nds.

If you clicked the tuplet icon in the toolbox on the left, then that only inputs one triplet based on the current note duration (as per the second paragraph here). The popover allows you to specify any ratio you want, including the base note duration as well (rather than always having to select the note duration before opening the popover).

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Thank you!