NI's MASCHINE VSTi - does not freeze

Hey guys!
Does anyone have a problem freezing the VSTi of NI’s MASCHINE in Cubase (7)?
I always used to get an error: “The instrument isn’t connected. Freeze is not possible”

Then, after a while it suddenly started working, for reasons unknown.
And today, again the same ‘problem’. Does anyone know the solution?
Thanks for any help!

You must have a MIDI track with a MIDI Part routed to the instrument. The MIDI Part (or parts) must span the time period for which the instrument plays (not necessarily continuously though).

OMG ! :neutral_face: it’s true! :stuck_out_tongue: I deleted the only midi-channel I assigned to it, because it was obsolete!

Thanks a million, man!! :smiley:

I’m glad I could help!