NI's Rise and Hit - Opinions?

Anyone doing cinematic stuff that want to comment on whether NI’s Rise and Hit is worth the $149?

It’s just more noises for no particular reason. Most people who’s been around a while in the audioverse already have so much presets and sounds they have no idea. The time is better spent on learning what you already have.

If you can create the sounds in that almost minute long video without buying the product I think you’re better off if you just forget about it. If you jump on the bandwagon you will sound like everybody else. Push a button and just add water and you have instant movie music that sound like everything else.

Is that what the world needs?
Where would it take you?
Where do you wanna go?
Who would like to listen to this?

Now … that’s just one opinion so don’t get fooled! Maybe it’s just what you need right now? :smiley:

Well I don’t have any presets / sounds. But I’d like the option to add something like this if the need calls for it without spending several hundred on Heavyocity, etc. That’s why I was asking, since $149 isn’t too bad. (At least it won’t be when I get the money.)