NKS Integration

Native Instruments announced the Komplete Kontrol MK2 series keyboards, they look really promising.
So please bring your VST-Instruments to the NKS-Standard to gain all the benefits.

Please think about.

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+1 with emphasis!
It would be really awesome to have Halion, Groove Agent, The Grand, etc available in Komplete Kontrol.

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Padshop NKS version

Wow. Just came across this post. Cant believe there are no replies or cries of delight. A Steinberg Instrument with NKS.
Cant wait to download and try tonight. Did it take you long and do you have any plans on covering any other Steinberg Instruments?


I have absolute 2 and have just moved over from PC to Mac. I have found that The Grand 3 is NKS ready. Hooray.

Unfortunately no Halton product is which leaves me in a predicament.

As a blind composer, I rely heavily on the accessibility features of NKS as it’s the only way I can get spoken feedback of instruments and settings. As Halion is not NKS ready and most of the Steinberg instruments require Halion, I am stuffed.

I had tied my colours to Steinberg since Cubase 5. Many years before I list my sight and the loyalty I have given them has NEVER been returned. Yes, I have asked,egged and pleaded. Put in support tickets which are either ignored or ‘mysteriously removed’ which brings me to one conclusion. DISCRIMINATION!!

Just in case anyone from Steinberg reads this, please not that until you can give visually impaired user some form of assistive technology, or at least NKS compatibility, I am done with you and will advise others to do the same.

+1 HALion (Sonic too) NKS

I have Halion Sonic 2 and Halion 5". Neither of which are compatible

1+ for All Synths , HALion Sonic and HALion would be super useful, with sound previews and categoric browsing on KK Keyboard.

Any news on this? I can’t believe that Steinbergs vsts are not NKS compatible. That is main reason why I don’t use them in my projects. They are very good quality, but browsing is pain in the as#…

NKS integration for Steinberg plugins