No 8.3 in announcements up top?


That’s exactly what I was wondering and I’m surprised that no one else has asked.

Maybe not an important update ? Or not fully tested yet ? Or did they simply forget to announce it ? I don’t know.

I decided not to install it before an official announcement.

There has been an official announcement, just not within the forum.
It also got posted by Steinberg reps on other forums…they just missed their own for some reason.

Note that the page below definitely announces the 8.0.3 update although the link might look like it’s for 8.0.2

It is also in the SB hub within Cubase. I just always check here and missed it! lol

Someone else notified me of it.

The first place where I always look for announcements about Cubase 8 is the Cubase 8 forum Announcements section !
Maybe I should change my habits and look in the other forums instead ! :smiley:
Or just in the hub …

Quickly read this and thought,finally full screen support… :laughing:

How the heck did I misread it that bad! On that note, will we ever see it?

I hope my thread reminded them!!! Looks like Heldge added it :slight_smile:

Thanks Heldge