No 8va treble clefs in the iPad version of Dorico?

I’ve looked high and low in the iPad version of Dorico but can’t seem to find a treble clef with an octave above indicator. How could this possibly be missing?

I guess you could use the clef popover (shift-C) and write g8d.
Edit: sorry, I misread… Above :sweat_smile: g8u then?

I believe Dorico for iPad only has the Common clefs section, which means that the treble clef with 8 below is included, but not the one with 8 above.

Thanks, unfortunately it’s not supported on iPad.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion @dspreadbury. I would like to request this as a feature for iPad.

This is something that is easy enough to do in StaffPad or Symphony Pro, both apps which are highly inferior to Dorico. Currently I have to create the 8va treble clef in one of those apps and export it as an XML file over to Dorico. It’s very cumbersome.

Higher pitched instruments like piccolo and harmonica (my main instrument), benefit greatly from the 8va treble clef. Also oddly enough Dorico for iPad has a setting that allows you to “Respect octave indicator “ for such clefs but doesn’t allow you to create them. I was surprised to see that the Clef Popover, which seems to support most features from the Mac app, didn’t even support creating them

Forgot to mention that the iPad version of, another less capable notation app also supports 8va treble clefs along with a host of other clefs.

The “Respect octave indicator “ was created to allow the tenor-G clef to be used with different sound libraries, some of which automatically transpose down the octave and some of which do not.

I cannot speak for harmonica players, but the consensus is that Piccolo never uses the octave treble clef. YMMV

Yeah piccolo just uses a regular treble clef.

Thanks @DanKreider and @Derrek for your input and clarification. In any case, I’d still like to see 8va treble clef on iPad, especially considering that 8vb treble clef is there. I can’t be the only person who finds 8va treble clef useful.

Perhaps what we might be able to do in future is include the Uncommon section of the Clefs panel in both Dorico Elements and Dorico for iPad with a subscription. I’ll think about it!

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That would be excellent! Thanks for considering it @dspreadbury. It may seem minor but for those of us who prefer to use the iPad as our main computer these details matter greatly.