No access to channel strip

I am invoking “channel strip” by pressing “e” on an audio track (or in a differnt way) and getting the EQ part only while the rest (Gate’ Comp etc) are greyed out and when I press the little arrow on them I get a “not loaded” notification/ When I go to the Equalizer tab (instead of the Channel Strip tab - I get no display, just box with a few layers - PRE, HC, LC, Gain, Phase 0, and they are all useless. Can anybody help? I am using Cubase Pro 11

This literally a matter of not knowing your way around the software enough. You’ll find it brother.

Huh, you should be able to activate a module just by clicking on its name. The arrow should show a few alternatives for all modules except Gate, if you want to change it.

Can you see the plugins at all in your VST Plug-in Manager (under Studio Menu)? Search e.g. for DeEsser and Compressor (should show Compressor, MultibandCompressor, Tube Compressor, VintageCompressor). They should be included in “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3” file in your Cubase installation directory (underVST3).

DeEsser, for example, should be shown as follows:

Thanks guys. This was probably a system glitch. I have just installed the Maintenance Update 11.0.30 and the problem went away.