No access to Verve, though it is installed?

I’ve installed Verve, but it’s not showing up in content in Halion SE.

Any ideas?

Seems I was running Halion SE 3.3, even though 3.5 had installed. Weird.

Re-installed and all is now well, but I don’t understand why this happened?

I believe Steinberg says it is under the new licensing update, that is why it needed to be reinstalled to initiate it.

Thanks. This is all a bit of a mess isn’t it?

I really wish we had been given the option of keeping the dongle. I had no problem with it - it was an advantage to me, since I paid for two licenses - one dongle travelled around with me and one stayed in the studio. Life was simple.

Now I’m terrified of trying to do anything with my second dongle (upgrading the first one was traumatic). I’m stuck with three licenses I have to apply/un-apply as needed and Steinberg get half the money I used to pay - everyone loses. :nauseated_face:

The recent experience of the eLicenser server is a good reminder of why we’re moving away from the dongle. The technology is only going to become more fragile over time.

Having some licenses in the new world and some in the old world was inevitable as part of the transition and I’m sorry for the inconvenience of that. Over time there should be fewer and fewer dependencies on the eLicenser.

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I sympathise, Ben. I know it will be difficult during this transistion, but you can see that it makes things difficult for me, so I have no joy in the removal of the dongle.

At some time I need Steinberg to explain to me how to upgrade my second (travelling) license, such that I have some leeway to keep working remotely as I do now.

Now there’s no dongle, if I leave a license activated at a studio, then one of my licenses is locked on that machine. I have no way to remove it remotely and activate a different PC. I could be in a situation where I can’t work for a client unless I first drive back to a studio to perform a de-activation. That other studio could be hundreds of miles away. This is not good.

At the very least I need to be able to activate/de-activate remotely.

I don’t mind paying for my second license, but I am not confident that paying to upgrade my second license isn’t going to result in some sort of confusion/mix-up and render one or both licenses useless. I can’t afford that kind of problem.

In that situation you could potentially ask the client to open Steinberg Activation Manager and click “Deactivate” or sign out of the software to deactivate the license from that computer. I guess the analogy would be if you accidentally left your USB eLicenser there - which would definitely require driving back.

Is it eligible for the grace period? or would it be a paid update?

It would be a paid update.

(I’ve been using Steinberg software since Pro-16 on the Commodore 64!)

Driving hundreds of miles to de-activate a license is not acceptable. And asking a client to do it for me is naively optimistic. Some will, and some will ‘call me back tomorrow’.

Let’s also not forget that I may have to give that client my Steinberg password to manage my account. Surely Steinberg would not advocate that?!

A system that requires me to be sitting at a specific machine to manage licenses is like going back to the 1990s!

The process for a paid update should be pretty straightforward.

  1. Purchase the update in the shop
  2. Receive the DAC via email
  3. Input the DAC into Steinberg Download Assistant on a computer with the Cubase license to be updated (signed into the Steinberg ID that will receive the Cubase 12 license)

…and that should be it. Your Cubase 11 licenses will be marked as “non upgradeable” to indicate it’s been already used for an update, and Cubase 12 will be visible in Steinberg Activation Manager. (It will appear twice in the list if you now have two copies)

Hmmm… My ‘danger’ nerve is shivering at the thought. I think I’m going to simply leave my second license well alone.

As above - how would a client manage the activation for me without me potentially having to divulge my password - assuming I’ve done the safe thing and logged out?

The password is not stored on the computer. Signing into Steinberg Activation Manager uses a system called OAuth to authorise the application to acquire the licenses. The only thing stored locally on the machine is a special token that was used to acquire the licenses.

Your client could open Steinberg Activation Manager and click “sign out” to deactivate those licenses and throw away the unique token so they couldn’t activate the software again later.

So if I sign out of Activation Manager on any computer, then that activation instance is available to use again? If that’s the case I may try to come up with some sort of script that logs me out automatically.

But there really should be a remote option…

Thank you for your help, BTW.

Yes, signing out will deactivate that computer and one of your three activations will become available again.

If you get stuck, our support team can release the activation for you. It sounds like you could potentially have six activations to play with if you have two copies of Cubase.

You’re more than welcome.

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Having six available activations (a ‘safety’ margin) is the reason I originally wanted to upgrade both licenses, but my experience of the upgrade so far makes me extremely dubious that trying to hold two sets of upgraded licenses on my account would work without causing a whole world of trouble.

So I’m afraid I’m not taking that risk. I lose three licenses and Steinberg lose some income. I wouldn’t call that a win for either of us. Maybe in future, when it all settles down, I will revisit this decision. For now - I just want to keep working.

Thanks again. Your help is much appreciated.

No worries. If it’s any reassurance, the vast majority of these issues stem from the complexities of eLicenser and the new Steinberg Licensing system is proving to be robust so far. I’m hopeful that once we get the majority of users transitioned across, then the whole topic of licensing will fade into the background for most users. I look forward to that day!


This plugin is cubase only? Not like padshop? I have cubase 12 installed, but cubase 11 find the plugin and complains.

Dear @Ben_at_Steinberg ,

I have the same problem with Verve, I’ve tried many things but nothing halped.

I’ve tried so far:

  • reinstalled Halion Sonic SE (it somehow once disappeared after all installations, after a switch from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 within a Grace period)
  • removed and reinstalled Verve a few times, also installing to different paths
  • I checked the VST paths in Plugin-Manager in Cubase and added all the paths for Verve and refreshed but no new instrument was added

Actually I am stuck now, I don’t know what I should do. (Note: I also have Cubase 10 and 11 installed).
Please guide me in detailed steps so that I can follow. :smiling_face:

Best regards,

Which version of HALion Sonic SE do you have installed?