No AI activation email received?!

Hoping someone can advise/help?
Recently purchased a Yamaha MG-XU and would like to try out the version of AI as offered in the packaging.

I have registered to receive activation code last week, but so far have not received any email with the code yet, despite requesting ‘resend activation’ email from Steinberg several times now?!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi nad welcome,

Check your Spam and Trash folder, please.

Isn’t the Activation Code available also on the MySteinberg web-page?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for replying…
No, not received - I’ve checked spam & trash folders also.
I’ve clicked ‘send reactivation email’ several times on Steinberg registration page too(?)
However, still no joy.

Any clues?

Thanks again, appreciate your help


Contact your local distributor/support to help. They are able to send you the email again (not by machine), so it shouldn’t be filtered, then.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for replying…
Not sure I understand, or maybe my explanation of the issue was not clear.

I will try to clarify problem:

  • I have bought a new Yamaha MG10XU mixer.
  • Within the package is Cubase AI download leaflet (with access code) offering Cubase AI download :
    “Thank you for purchasing this Yamaha hardware product…Together with this piece of hardware you are entitled to download a full version of Cubase AI”
  • The instructions as per leaflet: "To download your full version of Cubase AI, please follow this link: "
  • I have gone to the above site and registered my email address with you (Steinberg) to receive an an activation email.
  • Despite numerous attempts going back to the resend button on the above site, I still have not received the email which enables download processs.
  • I have a download access code on my leaflet.

From your advice, how would contacting the distributor of my hardware product (mixer) solve this issue?!

I just need the activation email enabling creation of my steinberg account (I think?)…Please advise/help!



Local technical support can send you the email, you didn’t receive.

Just an FYI… The Steinberg servers were down for maintenance around the Oct 4th timeframe. Maybe this caused an issue? The servers are back up so give it another try now. Hopefully you will get something. Good luck. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: