No answer from Support - At All!

Hi All

I logged a support ticket mid December and the email says they look at it in a few business days, over a month later. no contact at all!!!

Is this normal? Ticket NO. 77243

My simple ticket is:
I have two licenses. One an use one with the dongle for Cubase 9.5 and the other an old software licence (Cubase AI7) on my hard disk. This software one is not in use and keeps giving errors with the license software. I can’t seem to fix it but really want to remove it from my hard disk.

Please tell me how



First register the software eLicenser to your MySteinberg so you don’t lose your Cubase AI license, then run the eLicenser Installation Helper, which can be downloaded here:

Good advice from Romantique.

But I’ll say that Steinberg the support is the worst I experience out of any music software/plugins I use. They need significant improvement in that area because it makes you feel that they don’t care about their customers who have paid a lot of money for their software – it’s really bad business practice, and bad opinions spread faster than good ones.

Holidays, Cubase 9.5 was recently released, hundreds of Sonar refugees with questions… Support is going to be slow.

yes, this is normal in steinberg land

It’s nearly always been comedically slow for me, since the very beginning when I switched to Cubase over two years ago. Coming from PT (and Reaper) where the response was usually within a day, it’s still a big bummer. Needs improvement in a big way.

You guys should have been a Cakewalk customer. :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone treetop sent me the correct solution but I don’t see his post here now seems a bit odd.

The answer was to rename the licence file and now it’s all great thanks everyone!

The eLicenser Installation Helper does that automatically.