No audible output

I’ve bought a laptop with Cubase 12 Pro installed for my son and we settled down last night to start work on a track. I use Cubase myself (recently upgraded to 12 from 11) but it’s a long time since I set my studio up.

So we connected his MIDI keyboard through the UR22 audio interface and loaded a new project, added an instrument and I could see from the mixer that the signal was getting through. We also loaded a drum kit from Groove Agent and set off a pattern and we could see that working. However, nothing was coming out of the speakers nor the headphone socket (the speakers are connected to the outputs on the UR22).

However, when we looked at YouTube to see if we’d set it up correctly, the sound from YouTube was coming through the speakers. So it must be something to do with the output from Cubase but I can’t see what’s wrong (we have the correct ASIO driver etc.)

Anyone have any ideas, please?

If you select “Audio Connections” under the “Studio” menu, then click on the “Outputs” tab, is there a stereo bus there, and if so, is the UR22 selected as the Audio Device?


Thank you Kwackman - it’s taken me a few days to get access to the laptop, but that was exactly the trouble! All working fine now.