No audio after drop out in real-time export audio

I’m having strange issue. When I render a song using real-time export (I use outboard compressor) when it overloads and stops exporting - there is no audio in Cubase. Meters and everything are working. Even there is a signal going from additional outputs of my interface (Audient id22) into compressor and way back. Only Main output of Audient stops playing. music from winamp, etc still playing normally.

To get audio back in Cubase, I always must restart Cubase.

Please help, I’m getting sick of it. Times is running and I’m stuck with this issue.

I just upgraded my setup to RME HDSPe MADI + SSL ALPHA LINK AX and the problem is still occuring.

IT WOULD BE GREAT IF ANYONE FROM STEINBERG WOULD TRY TO HELP. Is this for sure Steinberg support forum?