No Audio after Update

I recently updated Dorico. Now, in new projects, no audio occurs during playback. Audio still plays when inputting and selecting notes, and projects created before the update are unaffected.

What exactly is happening, resp. not happening? When you hit play, does the green line move? Under Edit > Device Setup, is the expected audio driver selected?
Also in there, what if you change the sample rate, wait 3 seconds and change back, does playback then work.
If you can’t get it going, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please attach here. Thanks

If you’re getting audio when you audition notes but not when you play back, I would also suggest trying to reset the playback template in Play > Playback Template.

The green line moves. The expected audio driver is selected. Only one sample rate is available.

I tried that.

Dorico (288 KB)

Thanks for the data. Still, I don’t understand this, because from the data I see, it seems to be fine. Also you say that the green line is moving, so I would expect sound to come through, especially because you also get sound when inputting and selecting notes.
If you switch on the metronome, the beeping sound comes out when you press play, right?
During playback, please open the NotePerformer UI, does it indicate any incoming MIDI messages? In the left top corner is an “LED” that should light up with every incoming MIDI message.

The metronome does play. The “LED” does light up.

That is so strange…maybe the velocity of all playback notes is zero or so.
Could you please create a little demo project that exposes that behaviour and attach here (after zipping it up)? That would help us a lot. Thanks

I have the same problem: no audio after downloading Dorico 3.1. I use Steinberg UR242 audio interface as sound input/output device with Yamaha/Steinberg USB ASIO Driver 1.0.14 .
In Dorico 3.1, after discovering the issue, I tried Edit>Device Setup. Please note that:

  1. The Device Control Panel Button does nothing: I assume it should show the driver parameters.
  2. Stereo Output is empty and the drop down menu does not work.
  3. The sample rate at 8000: I don’t know if this default value was the same in Dorico 3.0, since I never had to change it. Anyway, I changed it to 44100 and waited one minute. If I save the project and re-open it, the 8000 value comes back.
  4. When I start playback on the score, the cursor moves correctly with no sound heard. No sound either when inputting notes.
  5. I have Cubase Elements 10.0.40 installed and everything (recording and playback through the UR242) works perfectly there.
    Dorico (913 KB)
    Dorico 3.1 PT.jpg
    Dorico 3.1 no audio.jpg

Forgot to tell I’m using Dorico 3.1 on Windows 10 v1909.

Untitled Project (330 KB)
“Dorico Beep” Works, but neither NotePerformer nor HSSE works.

Thanks for the project. Good thing, yes, also here the same behaviour.
Then I figured that there is no Expression Map configured for the viola. Go to Play Mode and in the instruments rack, left to where it says “02 - NotePerformer” is a little cog wheel icon.
Click on that and the Endpoint Setup dialog opens. In there choose “NP Solo Viola” as Expression Map and it will sound again during playback.

Now, I don’t know why the Expression Map is not set automatically with you anymore. Daniel or someone else needs to help out on this.

Hi Maxtar, no, your issue is different. Though the driver is selected, no audio ports got detected, so the audio engine does not know to where to stream the audio out to.
Weird thing is, you say it works with Cubase, then I would expect it to work also immediately with Dorico as well.

One question, you don’t run Cubase and Dorico in parallel, right? If so, stop any other program and only launch Dorico alone, still no ports get shown in the Device Setup dialog?

If it works with Cubase, that means the driver installation is fine. That leads me to the assumption that your Dorico installation is somehow corrupted, or at least that of Dorico’s audio engine.
So I recommend that you download Dorico again, and reinstall it. Please come back with another diagnostics report, if it still does not work.

Thanks Ulf for your quick reply.
I started now Dorico alone, just after the Windows login: the Device Setup Dialog still shows no ports in the Stereo Out field (with Dropdown menu inactive). At this time I will try to download Dorico 3.1 again. Please note that I used the Dorico 3.0 to 3.1 installation update, not the full 3.1. Was this unsafe?
I assume that I should do the following:

  1. Uninstall Dorico Pro using Windows Control Panel
  2. Download and install the full Dorico 3.1, using the Steinberg Installation Assistant
  3. Do I have to reinstall Dorico 3 Sounds (hope not)?
    I think it could be useful for you to check the list of relevant Steinberg programs seen by Windows “Program and Features”.
    Hope to come back to you soon,
    Massimo (from Milan, Italy)

Hi Massimo, you don’t need to reinstall the sounds, just download the Dorico installer again and run that. You also don’t need to uninstall via Control Panel. In the Dorico installer, at some stage you can tell it to ‘reinstall’ Dorico, that saves you the step of uninstalling. Also make sure that you let reinstall the components.
If you are unsure, go the long way, uninstall via Control Panel and install again with the Dorico installer.

That option for the Expression Map does not exist for me.


When I have this problem, I do the following.

  1. Set Playback Template to ‘Silence’
  2. Save file and EXIT Dorico. And I mean exit completely, not just close the file.
  3. Reopen File in Dorico and set Playback Template back to Noteperformer.

This worked for me for your posted Project. Hope it helps.

Looks like something with your NotePerformer installation went wrong, I can’t help here anymore.
What if you try what Craig proposed?

ThatViolaGuy, I suggest you try running the NotePerformer 3.3.1 installer again, which should make sure that the necessary components are all in the right places.