No Audio, Anywhere, and Out of Nowhere...

Fresh install of the latest Elements 9 update on a beefy Win 10 PC.

Been with Cubase since version 5, through 6, 7, and 8 and never had this problem.

I was confident such things were of the past, but alas not.

Song playing along, editing a midi part while playing, and poof, audio gone. All of it. All tracks.

Stop, reset mutes and solos, press play. Nothing.

Play keys on my controller and the keys in the editor show action, as does the activity monitor on the transport bar.

Transport CPU graph shows a nice load, but stereo out is nada.

No instrument track output with either a midi controller or using the keys or pads on their own interfaces.

Multiple instruments, nothing.

MIDI to external hardware all good.

Save, close, reboot, open, load file, play, ok, go into midi editor on instrument part, move things a little, abracadabra…silence.

I know it’s a little like a needle in a haystack, but in 2017, this should not be happening with software deep with development.

Hoping that someone, somewhere, either is having the same problem and our details can point to something useful, or this is common and the company is aware of and on it.

In the meantime, I am dead in the water.


Double-check your VST Connections settings, please.

Thanks for the reply.

Checked. Inputs and outputs as expected.

After delving into it more, it seems to be related to the audio driver.

My sound card is an ASUS Essence STX II.

I am using the Generic ASIO driver from the Cubase installation.

When the previously described loss of audio occurs, upon going into the device settings within Cubase and changing the driver to the ASUS driver, audio returns. I then switch back to the generic driver and can work for a time until the audio loss occurs again.

I will be looking closer into it in terms of what behaviour in particular causes the crash of the driver; it is not random.

Please reply with any further suggestions, or information regarding possible bugs with the new ASIO driver included with version 9.

Thanks again.

I had an instance a few months back in which the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver was not producing sound somewhat randomly. ASIO4All worked and then I don’t know exactly what fixed it but then the Steinberg GLLASIO started working again.
I would recommend using the ASUS driver anyway in your case. It is usually best to use the driver specifically made for the hardware.

Thanks for the reply. The ASUS driver crashes almost immediately, regardless of what settings I apply to it.

I know driver issues often involve finger pointing in other directions, so I prefer to use what has until now worked, that being the Steinberg ASIO driver.

Still crashing regularly for not any readily apparent reason. Usually happens when I am manipulating something, like a midi note or a EQ or compressor setting, etc.

I am very open to providing any additional information or trying any troubleshooting techniques suggested by the experts here.