no audio audible on YouTube Dorico tutorials

Hi, I’ve tweaked everything on my end and have no difficulty hearing audio from all other YouTube channels. But there’s just nothing coming out of speakers for the Dorico tutorials on YouTube.

Do you have Dorico open and the Audio Device set to take exclusive control of the sound card?

Thanks so much for your response. I’ll try this this morning! All best, Joelle Wallach

If audio comes out from other YT videos while Dorico is open then it should also come out for the Dorico videos. If audio comes out of YT, then you open Dorico and audio stops, then this has to do with Dorico controlling the soundcard.

After years working successfully, my Dorico implementation will now only produce sound via an ASIO4All driver which insists on taking exclusive control of the sound card. This started after a recent Windows update. The Low Latency Driver, when it gives me a chance to select a speaker path, will also do so only under its “take exclusive control” option.

Ulf (or anyone else): any thoughts how I can get past this “exclusive control” hurtle that did not trouble me in the past?
Dorico (1.61 MB)

Derrek, also Windows has a similar ‘exclusive control’ option. Right click on the little speaker icon on your taskbar and choose ‘Open Sound Settings’. In there click on ’ Device Properties’ and then ‘Additional device properties’, yet another little window opens. In there choose the ‘Advanced’ tab and deselect the ‘Allow exclusive control’ option.


Thank you. I do not see the expected options when I right-click the speaker icon and select “Open Sound Settings.”

I was able to navigate to a screen that gave me a checkbox to take exclusive control at the system level, but it was not checked. I reset the default for the Speakers to 41000/16 bit (the system defaults to 48K/24 bit).

Not sure what eventually enabled me to return to using the Low Latency driver; but whatever happened, I can now hear sound on other apps with Dorico open.

Thank you.

So in the end you figured it out yourself. Good to hear. I think setting to 44.1kHz/16bit did the job. Anyway, you are up and running again.