No Audio Click

Can’t seem to find solutions in the forum that work. Please don’t say use the control room because the audio click was working find previously without activating the control room. I tried everything I can think of. Where is the audio click’s routings ? I tried using audio sounds options but they also don’t sound. Midi click works fine but I want Audio click to make sure the audio recorded is sample accurate. Last resort reinstall C5 and I have a feeling it might work. Thanks, BakerSynth.

don`t know if this is what you are talking about,go to devices/vst conection /outputs,5th column along where it says click ,you click directly under the word click to activate or de-activate.the word click will appear when active. think thats what yer wanting

Wow, that was simple. Some where along the way the click column was deactivated. Being on my fourth edition of Cubase since the VST days sometimes all the editions mix together and I look for things from years ago. Thanks alot. BakerSynth.

don`t worry about it, it cocked me up big style a while back aswell.