No audio coming out from VST2 plugin

To Ulf. Hello, In the attachment you will see screenshots of the instruction I have done as specified to whitelist the necessary steps of a VSt2 plugin. However, my Steinberg “VST2 The Grand 3” plugin assigned to a track gives no output.

  • I downloaded the plugin again. Image 1. This does not appear in the allowed / blocked plugin window.
  • See image 2 I have removed the necessary xml as instructed on youtube. The funny thing is that when I restart Dorico 5 these Audioengine xmls appear again??? I’m not kidding.
  • Image 3 Trash. See date, mentioned today. ok VSt2 plugin added to playback template.
    How do I get sound from my Steinberg “The Grand 3” vst2 plug-in assigned to a midi track. Am I doing something wrong or is there more to it? Kind musical regards.

Hi @Yannick_Heeren , would you please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file to an answer here? Thanks

Dorico (937.5 KB)

It might not answer the question you have, but why do you want to use the VST2 version of The Grand when you have the VST3 version of it installed?
You shall always prefer the VST3 version , if it is available, but in your case, yes, it is there.