No Audio Coming Out!!

I just upgraded from Cubase 4LE to Cubase 6 and I am using a Tascam US-2000 for the interface.

I have everything working just fine in LE, but once I installed ver6 I do not get any audio. In fact, I can still open Cubase LE and everything works fine.

I have the 16 inputs and the stereo output setup the same as it is in LE.

If I change the driver to my MAC internal sound card the music will play…but as soon as I switch it back to the US-2000 it stops playing! The meter will not even move…so it implies to me that it is something inside Cubase.

None of the monitor buttons are checked and each track has been assigned to output through the stereo channel…because as I said when I change the driver the music will play fine.

This is getting really frustrating! :confused:

I was thinking it could possibly be the same thing as jaslan pointed out. 32-bit drivers just flat out don’t work with 64-bit programs and such. My Creative ASIO for example wasn’t showing up at all for Cubase 6 and I had to go and hunt down the ASIO’s 64-bit drivers because Creative is sooo professional and sooo up to date they don’t provide you up front with them for your sound card.

OK I finally figured it out!! First I used the Cubase MAC patch and then updated Cubase…but that did nothing. Finally, I updated both the firmware and the driver from Tascam’s website and it worked!

If you’re using cubase you would do yourself a BIG favour by ditching your creative card ASAP!!!.. great for gaming but woeful for DAW usage! If you really have stay at the cheaper end of the market you would be much better off with something like an Maudio Audiophile 24/96 which has ROCK SOLID ASIO drivers! seriously avoid creative LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

Yeah I know Creative sucks for ASIO but I seem to have gotten it working decently for DAW usage with a bit of work. No, I don’t think I’ll stay at the cheaper end of the market though, do you have any high end sound cards you can recommend specifically made for DAW use? It has to be one that is PCIe x1 and I would go up to $2,000 if neccessary.

People are using Tascam’s with no issues. Did you update the drivers and firmware for use in 64 bit?

Yeah, that’s what I mentioned above. After trying everything I updated those two things and it works perfect! Thanks!