No Audio/Extantions after updating to C10.5.10 and SpectraLayers 6.0.3

Hi! I had C10.5 and SL6 working fine as ARA but after updating for newest versions can’t see Extension menu.
I read that it’s most probably because vst3 file of SL isn’t in right folder.
I copied it from SL folder to Common File/VST3/ and can see and load SL in Inserts but it’s not working fine as Insert and still no Extensions.
Maybe I need a specific folder in Common files/VST3 but don’t know the right name of it.
Any suggestions?
And plz tell me the exact path for SL vst3 plugin on your working installation.

I had a same issue. At the end, reinstal of SL6 (0.3.) helped and it works now.

Here was a big thread about Melodyne as ARA with no Extensions menu. And it was solved by moving vst3 plugin in the right folder. They needed to create that folder which wasn’t created automatically