No audio from Cubase

Hello all.

We have Cubase 6.5.4 (latest), the problem is Cubase is not out putting any audio to windows. I have found the problem that I can not select the realtek audio driver despite having the speakers being recognized as realtek audio channels. We are running a fresh install of 7 64-bit. Need help badly as the music dept can’t do much teaching?
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That´s because your realtek audio does not come with an ASIO driver, which is wha you must use one of the two offered by Cubase. And then connect and setup everything correctly.

You can also use ASIO4ALL:

Definitely use that one, not the crap asio Steinberg delivers

Every ASIO driver is from Steinberg; they invented and defined the standard.

While Steinberg is responsible for the SDK, which allows developers at different companies to make their own ASIO drivers, it is the engineers at those companies that actually make the specific drivers for their products. You are confused or ignorant.

Ok ok, a bit of boasting on my side :stuck_out_tongue: no crap
In my experience, when using a default soundcard on a laptop or whatever it is I am using, the asio that comes with cubase doesn’t give me latency that is low enough so I go for asio4all. It works fine for me.