No audio from Export Audio Mixdown

I initially tried to use Render in Place but this will also not even attempt to work.
I can Render as well as Mixdown a VST Instrument from a MIDI track.

However, when I try to do either process with a MIDI track from my Korg TS
it is either empty, from the Mixdown or Render in Place won’t even start.

The MIDI track is active and in Solo mode, the Locators are set properly.
Using Mixdown, the output bus is Stereo Out, the file format is .WAV,
Audio Engine Output is 44,100 kHz, 16 bits, Real-Time Export is active,
L/R channels is chosen, stereo input and output busses are set correctly. ???

One strange thing I noticed as I was trying to test this with a complete new empty project is
that as soon as I added a Midi track and clicked on the Solo button for that track, the Mute button on the Stereo Out track in the mixer also turned yellow. ???
Anyone have any ideas?
I also searched others in the forum with similar Empty audio tracks during Mixdown but didn’t see anything related to my problem.

btw, the same happens on both Cubase 8 and 9… both are updated to current levels.

That means what? It is a MIDI track that was created in the Korg TS?
And which sound device does the MIDI track trigger?
As you certainly know, MIDI tracks by themselves can´t be exported to audio.
Or does it mean you want to export sound that comes from the Korg and is triggered by a MIDI track from inside Cubase? In that case you need to make audio connections from your Korg to Cubase.

Then obviously there is not sound device associated with the MIDI track, that could create any sound to export.

Sure - no audio device - no audio export, no matter which version

It’s obvious that I do not use Cubase on a daily basis…
My apologies … but I only found the solution by doing a Google search of the forums and finding a youtube video in Russian. Thank goodness my eyes understood what the creator of the video was trying to explain.
The Cubase Forum internal Search SW really needs to be updated… especially if it does not accept words like MIDI and Audio…
Ok. I haven’t been using Cubase for a while now. My wife passed away a few weeks ago and I am only starting to get into the music again, albeit perhaps with not so clear a mind.
The solution was to simply create an Audio track… arm it to record… make sure that the Midi track was Solo’ed… and press record…