No audio from external synth on 6.5

I’ve never encountered this one before on previous versions of Cubase. I’ve got my Korg Karma audio outputs going into the 1L and 1R inputs of my E-MU 1820m Audio Dock. The MIDI Out/In are inserted into MIDI 2 on the back of the Audio Dock. Inside Cubase the channels ASIO 3 & 4 in the VST Connections panel are Active.

I raised the Master Volume on the Karma to maximum, and can hear the audio output in my headphones via Patchmix DSP within Cubase. When I add an Audio track inside a project template, there is also a MIDI response message showing in the Transport, and I can hear the keyboard’s audio, but there is NO signal in the channel track fader window. I’ve tried switching the main Input from Stereo In to Stereo In 2, but that didn’t help.

I’ve not been successful creating an External Instrument link either, although the MIDI template for Karma is installed and works fine, the Audio side is kaput!

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Isaac

Some things that always bite me: Audio Track is armed to record? ; Audio track input is pointed to “1L and 1R inputs of my E-MU 1820m Audio Dock”? Put your meter views to “input” … you should see activity in the “1L and 1R” input meters (far left of the mixer, before the individual tracks)? Is the yellow monitor icon on the audio track turned yellow (= activated) when you play? That one always gets me!

If none of these, post back, hopefully should be able to be up and running soon!